The MEG Historic Registration Page
MEG Historic Vehicle Registrar : 	Colin Wickens	Phone  :  02 9580 3554        Email   :    Inspectors 	: Col  Wickens		 02 9580 3554 		Hurstville Grove : Trevor Boyle		0418 495 786		Burraneer : Bruce Byatt		0421 016 968		Connells Point : Sancho Kalcev	02 9772 4857		Sylvania Waters : Doug Linklater	0412 945 487		Heathcote           THIS PAGE IS UNDER REVIEW AS WE RECEIVE AND INTERPERET AMENDMENTS AS RECEIVED                                        FROM RMS AND COUNCIL OF MOTOR CLUBS           The Cronulla RSL Motoring Enthusiasts Group works with the Department for Transport,  Roads and Maritime Service division on the vehicle conditional registration schemes i.e.  Historic Vehicle Scheme for standard production vehicles over 30 years of age or older and Classic Vehicle Scheme for modified vehicles  over 30 years or older and under 3.5 tonne.    Please remember if you have any vehicle/s on either scheme you must be a financial member of the Motoring Enthusiasts Group  AND Cronulla RSL. If at any time you are unfinancial your vehicle/s are considered unregistered.
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